What will I get with this course?

  • 62 instructional videos

    Each video takes a Kanban concept and breaks it down using real-world scenarios and examples. You won't just learn Kanban theory. You'll discover how to apply it in your business.

  • 12 Quizzes and Exercises

    Each section includes test questions and exercises to test your knowledge and help you master the subject matter.

  • Dedicated Course Forum

    If you need help understanding course content or have a question about something you read or learned in a course, you can get help in the dedicated course forum.

Why Should I Take this Course?

Kanban skills are in-demand

Whether you are a developer, project manager or PMO delivery person, you will have come across Kanban in one form or another. Aspects of Kanban are used in Scrum, SAFe and other popular delivery frameworks. From digital start-ups to large enterprises, Kanban skills are in-demand. Kanban will not only help you improve software delivery, but learning a new skill will improve your career prospects. Kanban has wide-scale popularity in organizations because of the values and principles that it introduces and because of the benefits it brings. This complete Kanban for software delivery course is designed to help program managers, delivery managers, project managers, developers, product managers, PMO people and business analysts to develop themselves and boost their career growth.

What will I learn?

You'll learn an effective and simple way to deliver software rapidly and effectively, whilst giving your managers the visibility they crave.

This course will give you a broad understanding of how Kanban works and how it can improve the way you deliver software. You'll learn the principles and core practices of Kanban and how they apply to software development teams. You'll learn how to adopt Kanban, from where your team is now, evolving to an efficient Kanban system. You'll understand WIP Limits and how limiting the amound of work can actually speed things up! You'll find out how to identify and remove barriers to flow. You'll explore feedback loops and understand how they can help you evolve your team, your product and your delivery approach. You'll learn how to apply metrics in Kanban systems - for goal setting and to provide metrics for predictability.

Who will be teaching me?

John McIntyre

Lead Trainer

John McIntyre is the Founder and Lead Trainer at HotPMO. He has considerable experience helping organizations deliver the right things faster. His experience leading Kanban teams is broad - from working in fast-moving retail in his formative years - through software delivery in finance and working on major international ecommerce websites including Ticketmaster.

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    Unsure how to apply Kanban in your environment? Want guidance on a particular course topic? We've got you covered. Unlike other digital courses where you just purchase access to a series of videos, here at HotPMO you get access to experienced delivery experts. As well as having access to our class forums where you can ask questions and share insight with other learners, every person who completes the course will receive a free 1 hour one-on-one coaching session. On Zoom, at a time that suits you.

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Preview Course Modules

    1. The origins of Kanban

    2. How Toyota Changed The Way We Make Things

    3. What is our Stock?

    4. How often do we 'stop the line'?

    5. Learning Kanban from Dino-Golf

    6. The Kanban board

    7. Using Cards to represent work

    8. Types of work or service

    9. Test your learning

    1. Combining Kanban and Agile

    2. The story of the Agile Manifesto

    3. The Agile Manifesto Values

    4. The Agile Manifesto Principles

    5. The Principles of Lean

    6. Combining the two

    7. Kanban Core Practices

    8. Test your learning

    1. Single piece flow

    2. Single piece flow - example

    3. Try it yourself!

    4. Why use batches?

    5. Identifying the optimal batch size

    6. Test your learning

    7. Towards single piece flow

    1. Foundational Principles and Evolutionary change

    2. Your Kanban Recipe

    3. The ingredients in the correct order

    1. What is a value stream?

    2. Why organise around value?

    3. Operational Value Streams

    4. Development Value Streams

    5. The importance of maping your reality

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